Frequent Questions

Why should I send a message?

A true and real business culture requires compliance with social and legal standards.

Statistically, the complaints channel is the most effective means of preventing corporate crimes. The use of the channel guarantees the sustainability of the organization and the future continuity of the workers who belong to it.

What kind of information should I register?

Any possible violation of the Code of Conduct, which may have been produced by employees, managers and collaborators of the company. During the process of registration of the complaint, you will be provided with more detailed information about the possible key elements of the message.

How is the process for registering a complaint?

Access to the complaint form

To access the new complaint registration form, you must be registered as a user in the system, and provide a valid email where you will receive any notification regarding your complaint.

Registering in the system is a simple process. Access using the Register button located at the top of the home screen and enter at least one valid email address for your property. When sending the form, you will receive a verification email with a link to validate the email provided.

The system protects the anonymity of reporters of information concerning suspected compliance violations who do not want to reveal their identity. The email address is used for system logging and subsequent communications purposes, but it is not disclosed. Questions and additional information required will preserve anonymity. Additionally, reports are kept anonymous through encryption and other security solutions.

Registered users can access the registration form of a new report through the option CHANNEL OF COMPLAINTS from the main menu.

Complaint content

The complaints received must contain the necessary data to be able to carry out the analysis of the reported facts. Thus, the received communications must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Description of the facts: Clear and detailed exposition of the facts.

  • Scope of the facts: place and time in which the event occurred or has been occurring, as well as the estimated monetary quantification of the damage.

  • Involved in the facts: Identification of the people involved in the reported behaviour or with knowledge of it.

  • Complainant data: Name and contact information of the complainant and his link with FRV to facilitate the analysis and follow-up of the complaint as well as, if deemed necessary, documents, files or other information deemed relevant for the evaluation and resolution of the complaint.

Complaint notification

Once you have sent the form, you will receive an email in the account specified in your user registration, confirming the registration of the complaint and with a link to the web application where you can view the data sent, as well as track it.

Complaint follow-up

The complainant will receive in his email any change in the status of his complaint, with a link that, again, will take him to the web form of the channel to be able to consult the details of the change of state.

Complaint confidentiality

The system guarantees users who make any complaint to keep their identity confidential, provided that this is not required by the authorities or the report has been made with knowledge of its falsity.

Throughout the process of exchanging information with the channel manager, the complainant may be asked for his or her personal information. You will receive an email with a link to fill this information and send it voluntarily to the channel manager.